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How much does it cost? What is regular specs price?
There are no "usual" specifications, because we believe that each guitar is ordered taking into account the preferences of a particular person, emphasizing his individuality and identity, and depends on many factors.. You can calculate the price of your specs in price calculator in the main menu.
How long does it take to manufacture the guitar?
7-9 months at this moment, depends on specs. The manufacture time depends on many factors as we make it by hands. Also lots of materials and hardware should be found and purchased abroad.
How can I pay for my order? Do you have any payment plan?
To start the build, we need to stock all the necessary materials and hardware. To do that effectively we require 50% deposit beforehand. After that is received, we start working on your guitar! You will get regular updates on how the build is progressing. The other 50%(plus postage cost if needed) can then be paid in full when the guitar is finished but before the shipping.

The bank transfer is the cheapest way of international money transfer but we can also accept PayPal(5% extra of total building and shipping price).
Can you deliver the guitar to my country?
Yes, we use EMS Express service for worldwide delivery. It takes 10-14 days to deliver your guitars depends on location. Shipping is totally fully trackable. Shipping and handling costs $130 extra.
I want some options I can't find in your specs list!
No problem, just write us or write a comment in price calculator form. We'll try to arrange it. So many options have been added to the main list precisely because of the needs of our customers, so go ahead.
Can you build more custom guitar or change the shape to my taste?
Yes, we have experience and skills to design and build a totally custom one of a kind guitar. And sometimes we do it! But as we have a lot of work with our orders we could take only really interesting projects in works and it'll cost extra for sure.
Can you build a lefty?
Yes, no problems. And we take no extra for it!
Can you sponsor me? I want to be an endorser.
First of all, anyone whose message contains the word "sponsorship"and its derivatives is doomed to the fact that his message is not read, sorry. Let's use the good old word "endorsement", it makes more sense.

Endorsement is a mutually beneficial business partnership between manufacturer and artist. Both should feel the benefits and inspiration from such collaboration. It's not about sending free stuff to everyone. So what are our requirements?

1. The most important thing is strong social media presence.
2. Producing videos/creating new music on regular basis.
3. You must know our brand, what we stand for, and show us that you would fit into our family of artists. You must be an Adversary player already, or be ready to multiple order to discuss the endorsement deal.

If you feel that you have what it takes to represent our brand, and join our family then please send us links to your website, social media profiles, YouTube videos. First of all, we would like to hear your ideas of how you think our mutual deal would benefit us as well as you as a musician! It's not about "send me free stuff" at all. Feel free to send us a message if you feel you're ready for the deal.
Do you have dealer in my country?
No, we do not have dealers at this moment. We sell direct.

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